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Be so good they can't ignore you!

This is perfect advice from actor, writer and musician Steve Martin when someone asks him how they can become a star.
The Colin Pearce Academy is dedicated to helping YOU shine so brightly in your life and work, you cannot be ignored.

Sell More, Easier, Faster.
This is our flagship course.

The name says it all. You CAN sell more, easier and faster.

We've never known a time like 2020 where you not only have to keep your business afloat but you have to be an ABSOLUTE MASTER at selling.

Up against COVID-19 restrictions AND online competition, you need all the help you can get.

You have to sell more and you have to do it faster — not to rush and push customers — you need an approach to match the times; less chit chat and rigmarole, more getting to the heart of customers' needs.

Sell more, easier, faster is the premium sales course that hundreds of salespeople have taken to lift their value and personal profit in the good times. It's even more applicable in tough 2020.
    Read the testimonials.
    Scan through the course outline.
    Watch the preview video and test whether you and your organisation can handle the help.
You will see that the course is full of resources to get you or your team – if you've got one left – selling more, easier and faster.

How it comes together for you.
    a. You take the course privately online and complete each module as it is drip-fed automatically to you each week, completing the worksheets and quizzes at your own pace
    b. Each week on Tuesday at 8:00 AM Adelaide (South Australia) time you log into the exclusive Q&A session on Zoom with other participants. You ask what you like, sort out challenges, get new insight from other members and get extra training from me.
    c. You will be given access to the monitored private Facebook group where you can share success, get help and even share leads. You can stay in that group as long as you like.

And what if you have a team of salespeople?

You enrol as many team members as you like with a separate fee for each.

They enjoy the same process
    a. Access to the drip-fed learning. They watch each of the 6 weekly drip-fed modules completing the worksheets and quizzes at their own pace.
    b. They connect to the weekly Q&A session (via Zoom) and they get 6 x 40 minute weekly up-close group work where I answer questions, troubleshoot, coach and add more training.
    c. They also get access to the monitored private Facebook Group where they can ask questions of each other and get great ideas from discussions.
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Sell More, Easier, Faster. <br> This is our flagship course.

Convert Your Inbound Phone Leads

You've forked out money to get those leads. That was the easy part. Now you have to make appointments and sales like never before.

Isolation, lockdowns and consumer confidence might be holding customers back.

Yet enough people still want something you've got — a booking, a product, a service — even a solution to an emergency — and the only way to reach you is to look you up online; and then 99% of the time make a phone call.


In years gone by, most managers had no idea how much money and goodwill their staff were trashing when they were answering their phone. It's time to seize the day. Using the same phone skills you used up until March 1, 2020 is not going to serve you well. I know. I've been teaching and mystery-shopping telephone skills for 35 years. Owners didn't give the phone a second thought. The idea 'near enough is good enough' got them by. That will not do the job from now on.

I understand. Right now there is a pile of extra junk grabbing your attention. I get it, but that casual approach to the phone can't go on!

  • Sales will be hard to come by so every inbound lead will be worth gold. You thought they were valuable before? It's a new day.
  • Appointments will need to be secured and the only way you'll get them is by converting inbound leads.
  • Even those who boast they don't need to advertise because they have such good 'word-of-mouth', won't be able to blow away these 'free' inbound leads.
  • If you don't get your team woken up to this, you might as well put a "Gone Fishin'" sign on the door.
This intense course, Convert Your Inbound Phone Leads will put an end to wasted leads, wasted money and loss of profit.
This course is based on the successful face-to-face classroom methods and video training packages I've run for tens of thousands of people over 35 years.

Within minutes of taking the first lesson everyone will know
  • what to say,
  • when to say it,
  • how to say it and
  • you will enjoy more profit and less stress – and you will be converting all the inbound leads you need.
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Convert Your Inbound Phone Leads

Fast Start to Sales

The Fast Start to Sales course cuts days off your induction process and gives new people confidence quickly. It is ideal for everyone new to sales: new hires, family members, techs transferring to a sales role, young people, part timers and casuals.

Watch the preview and then enrol your inductee
Fast Start to Sales

Good induction is not just an option for fanatics.

Induction makes sense for about 500 reasons, including productivity, profit, safety, saving time, limiting waste, cutting interruptions, reducing stress ...
Induction gets you a better return on your hiring.
Induction keeps you on the right side of the law.

  • How to make a star salesperson:
    Star salespeople are not born that way. They are trained. Trained, trained trained. And the first and most important training they need from you is their induction. The faster and better you introduce them to your business, their colleagues, your prices and policies, the faster they will get out of the 'new-person-fog' and get selling.

  • New salespeople can be successful sooner:
    I saw a 16 year old start out in a shoe store and break the store's daily sales record on his first day and break the weekly, then monthly sales record straight on top of that.
    How did he do that?
    He was grilled and drilled in sales techniques before he started. I know. I trained him. He is my son! Now I lay that opportunity in front of you, the business owner to make that happen for your new salespeople.

  • Beware of the long arm of the law.
    Don't be a headline in the news. Bad induction means leaving new people unsure of their responsibilities, so they make mistakes, rarely maliciously but most times innocently. This can result in lost sales and lost revenue and even land you in front of a judge.
    But worse than that!
    If you don't induct people properly things can go pear shaped out of the blue – accidents, bullying, sexism - you've heard the horror stories – and you can end up facing massive fines and even gaol time! Instead of booking a room and taking experienced staff off the job to give a lecture (a real pain if there is only a couple of new people at a time), you get your new salespeople to watch the lessons on their own, grab their downloaded workbook and then – like it's a treasure hunt – go find the answers from the experts. You or your best staff supporter check their worksheets and mark off their log book to make sure everything is being done to the letter.