I wonder which one of these sales killers is stealthily murdering YOUR sales. .

  • Beware the sales murderer!

    These 7 sales murderers hide in the dark recesses of every sales person's mind and pop out of the alley to do his or her dastardly deed at the worst times. Just as you think you have an order in the bag, STAB, SHOOT and WALLOP, you lose the sale and wonder why. It’s one of the sales murderers in your own head you're unaware of. But which one?

  • Your share of the pie could be bigger.

    You could be just a quick correction away from more sales success. Read the 7 sales killers e-Book and see which ones you need to arrest and put out of your life forever. salespeople have hundreds of ways to kill their sales but these are the worst and most common.

  • If the light shines on your problem ...

    When you are done reading your download there will be an invitation to take my FREE sales course. In 11 read-along lessons I will teach some age-old principles of selling while actually – openly and transparently – showing you how I'd sell my own premium course.

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