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Be so good they can't ignore you!

This is perfect advice from actor, writer and musician Steve Martin when someone asks him how they can become a star.
The Colin Pearce Academy is dedicated to helping YOU shine so brightly in your life and work, you cannot be ignored.

7 Sales Killers e-Report

There are forces conspiring against every sales person and we are blissfully unaware of them most of the time.

We get so tied up on the hustle and bustle of the sales chase, we let the 7 major sales killers destroy our results and sometimes wreck our careers; and we can't work out what's going on. Read this FREE report and identify which of the sales killers is murdering your sales (or your sales team's sales). Once you've read the embarrassing findings you will want to take the FREE course (11 Sales lessons) to arrest those sales killers once and for all and get selling, get making profit and get starring!
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7 Sales Killers e-Report

Smash those 7 sales killers once and for all.

You've read the FREE e-Report, 'The 7 sales killers murdering your sales and you don't even know it', so now take the FREE course to stop those 7 sales killers in their tracks.

This is a remarkable and transparent course. I take you through the 11 sales lessons (FOR FREE) and you get a sales lesson about sales lessons! Why is it transparent? Simple. I will go about selling you on enrolling in my flagship course, 'Sell more, easier, faster', and all through it I will be telling you how I constructed and delivered the presentation so you can absorb, copy and mimic the sales techniques I use on you. There is no trick to it. I just keep asking and explaining and revealing technique upon technique and you keep on learning and learning whether you enroll in 'Sell more, easier, faster' of not!
NO c.c. security required. Just start now.
Smash those 7 sales killers once and for all.

Sell More, Easier, Faster.

The name says it all. You CAN sell more, easier and faster.

After reading the '7 Sales Killers ... ' e-Report and taking the FREE 11 sales lessons you will be ready to undertake this serious sales training. This is the premium sales course that hundreds of salespeople have taken to lift their value and personal profit.
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    Scan through the course outline.
You will see that the course is full of resources to get you selling more, easier and faster.
You can take the course in any of three levels.
    Level 1. You can subscribe and take the training on your own in your own time.
    Level 2. You can enroll in a web-based class of no more than 8 people and get 6 x 45 minute sessions where you will be drilled and trained in a group setting.
    Level 3. You can subscribe to be coached through the course 1:1 by me personally.
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Sell More, Easier, Faster.

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Fast Start to Sales

Get new salespeople up and running the no-fuss way.

You can induct new salespeople in one of three ways;
    The stupid way: Show them where the toilets are, how to fill out a time sheet, where to get coffee and let them run loose to pick up the rest as they go.
The slow and inefficient way: Get some kind of classroom, set up a white board, a TV, have one staff member (probably you) waste days trying to beat your ideas into the new people.
The only sensible way: Get the new employees to work through this engaging course on their own, seeking out information and policies from your key individuals.
New employees (experienced or newbies) will start fast and will know everything to start making sales almost immediately.
Stay the right side of the law too. Your people will learn
health and safety procedures,
company policies,
correct procedures,
personal quotas,
order processing,
work expectations,
managing complaints—
even how much of YOUR time they can spend on private phone calls and personal computer use.
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Fast Start to Sales

Convert Your Inbound Phone Leads

Most managers have no idea how much money and good will their staff are trashing when they are on your phone.
    Sales are being lost.
    Appointments are being messed up.
    Even those who boast they don't need to advertise because they have such good 'word-of-mouth', still blow off these valuable in-bound leads. You might as well put a "Gone Fishin'" sign on the door.
This intense course, Convert You Inbound Phone Leads will put an end to wasted leads, wasted money and loss of profit.
It's based on successful face-to-face classroom methods and video training packages administered to tens of thousands of people over 30 years. Everyone will know what to say, when to say it, how to say it and you will enjoy more profit and less stress.
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Convert Your Inbound Phone Leads