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Prepare to get a bit jittery about the way your inbound phone leads are being handled

This preview is a frank look at the way inbound phone calls are being handled universally. It applies to your business or practice way more than you might have ever thought. More than just saying 'Hello' it's much more complex to get right than most people think - if they ever think about it. 

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This isn't taught in business classes and very few people know what to say and how to say it to capture the full value of your hard-won inbound phone leads.

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There's nothing worse! You've just heard one of your team hang up the phone, knowing they mis-handled your customer and lost you another sale.

Now, you'll have the perfect answer. Using this course, Convert your inbound phone leads will help you to win more business and make more sales. You'll be amazed at the difference when you and your staff know what to say and how to say it. Read these 7 HOME TRUTHS and be convinced this course will solve the problem.

    I’m convinced most organizations stink at telephone etiquette, telephone sales and telephone service.
    ‘Hey!’ you holler. ‘Can you support that outlandish assertion?’
    I can.
    I’ve been observing the way people handle the telephone since 1982 when I first got serious about sales and customer service. I’ve recorded over 6,000 mystery shoping phone calls and I can tell you without fear of contradiction that 99% of organisations – government, educational, business – the lot, are all haemorrhaging service, money and opportunities that they needn’t, and the gaping wound is the telephone.

    I know this much: If an employee or family member stole just $10 from your petty cash tin you'd drop right out of your tree and demand justice. You'd go right off. You'd have a herd of herefords – not just a cow.
    Yet here you are calmly reading this while your employees or family members are robbing you blind of hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars because of the way they answer your phone – and you're probably thinking about clicking off this page and going to get a cup of coffee as if it doesn’t matter.
    It does.
    And you can fix it with the learning I’m offering in these pages. SO HAVE I HIT A NERVE?
    I'm sick of pussy footing around the topic. Get the package now.
    I am an expert on phone use-less-ness and I'm telling you it's a plague and no business is immune. Your organisation has carriers!
    • Since 1983 I’ve recorded thousands of telephone conversations for my clients,
    • I’ve spied on hundreds of others for their opposition.
    • I’ve sat with receptionists at the busiest hours of the day.
    • I’ve conducted polls,
    • I’ve listened in on service desks and call centres.
    • I’ve written three video training packages and several audio packages and sold them to the top banks and insurance companies, conducted hundreds and hundreds of seminars and run dozens of teleclasses.
    • I’ve assessed people on the telephone in Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, and about 30 other countries all over Europe, Africa, and Asia.

    Believe me. Your well educated, well dressed, well paid staff do not know the intricacies of basic telephone skills. Now with mobile phone proliferation, it is worse. Etiquette? It barely exists. Patience? A lost quality. Ability to make an appointment or close a sale? Gone.

    Most people who answer the phone really want to do a great job, but without being trained in good phone skills, how can you expect them to be great on the phone?
    Just having a pretty face, or product knowledge or high qualifications or even a high IQ means diddly when it comes to getting the phone right.
    It takes training – but not much. Admittedly more than you've done, but still it doesn't take much.
    Before you click anywhere, think about this.

      I asked some tyre retailers to tell me the value of a full set of tyres and a wheel alignment. Knowing that most customers shop around on the phone I asked them what it would mean to their bottom line if they converted just one more call into a booking every day. It was in excess of $150,000 a year. I then played their mystery shopping tapes to them and they were shocked to learn that they were botching on average up to five calls every day and flushing $750,000 a year down the gurgler!

    So what is a phone call worth to you if it's answered properly? What's it costing you if the phone is botched once, twice or five times a day?

    The high resolution sound tracks behind the course are the best way I know to fix your phone culture. I recorded live calls, calls with actors – dozens of them – and put my heart and soul into the message. You will get my passion in the first 3 seconds.

    The only other way is to hire me to walk around your office for days on end working with individuals at a cost of many many thousands of dollars.
    Which would you prefer?
    Keep losing thousands, spend thousands on expensive personal attention or just invest $77 per month?

      I called a manager who was in her car. She asked me to call her back in a few minutes as her battery was dying and she was just entering the car park and would be in her office in five. I waited and called. The receptionist told me the manager in question was interstate for a week. I told her the manager had just entered the office but she protested that it was not possible. Eventually she relented and put my call through under protest. I told the manager the ridiculous story. And all she could say was, “What can you do?” She’s had trouble with her receptionist for years yet she has done nothing to fix the problem – that’s N.O.T.H.I.N.G. – zip – zero – nada. I can’t bear to think of the anguish, time, money and customer relationships she could save if she just spent a few measly bucks on this course and ran the internal admin team through them.
    You’re already there, I’m guessing. So press the button and let’s get you registered to be the first to know when the course is available again.

    May I dare to suggest that you might even be part of the problem and not even aware of it?

    I wonder if we recorded you and sat together and played you back to you, if you wouldn’t be more than a bit horrified and embarrassed about the way you manage yourself on the phone. Most managers I do this for go into hyper shock when we calculate together how much money they have been losing by not being good enough on the phone.

    These people include
    • tyre franchisees,
    • radiator repairers,
    • white goods retailers,
    • chiropractors,
    • real estate agents,
    • insurance brokers,
    • mortgage brokers,
    • share brokers,
    • shipping agents,
    • lawn mowers,
    • lawyers,
    • dentists,
    • GPs,
    • accountants –
    all of whom thought they were ‘it and a bit’ at business but discovered that they were their own worst nightmare and have been mortified to learn that they have personally blown tens of thousands and their employees have robbed them of between $50,000 and $250,000 a year JUST BY INNOCENTLY BEING STEADILY AND QUIETLY USELESS ON THE PHONE!!

    But I’m telling you now; you can do something about it. You can become a phone fanatic – just like me and make more sales, keep more customers happy and work magic on your internal phone etiquette. It will take only minutes to fix.


    This course is the right answers for retail:

    Did you know that in some categories shoppers will phone more than five businesses before deciding to buy? Polls show that callers will continue to phone (price and availability being equal) until they find someone whose voice and manner gives them a feeling of likeability, trust and genuineness. Great Phone Skills CDs and e-Book will give you the skills, training and standards to teach your people how to make shoppers stop calling when they get to you and in time to be the only place the shoppers call at all.

    Imagine the pride and satisfaction you’ll get out of that!

    This course is ta he right answers for service:

    Do your people have to call customers and make appointments, arrange deliveries or collect missed payments? Unless they have Great Phone Skills they will only do it painfully. You want that wonderful free word of mouth thing happening in your favour – not working against you. You need short hold times, no run around, no fobbing off from person to person and no-one saying they don’t know the answer. No-one deferring to the manager because they haven’t got the skills to handle the question properly themselves.

    This course is the right answers for angry callers:
    Most angry callers are just momentarily annoyed nice people. They get upset over misunderstandings and mistakes. They just want someone to hear them out and come up with a solution and to come up with it fast. Then they will go back to being nice again. They really don’t want to be mishandled, messed around and muddled.

    The tragedy is very very few phone answering people have the skills, nouse or training to calm angry callers on the spot. You probably haven’t got many where you work.

    This course the right answers for a healthy internal culture:
    One of the biggest causes of despair and depression is poor relationships and dissatisfaction at work. Nothing is more frustrating to employees than having to deal with mongrel team members. Those people come to work to be adversarial just for the sheer sadistic pleasure it seems to give them. How would it be if every person who handles a phone internally could do it with charm, grace, good manners and joyfulness?

    You’d create tranquility, contentment and pleasantness in a matter of days. Silos would fall over. Walls would come down. You’d start to become an employer of choice. You could sleep at night.

    Want to give yourself a fright?
    WARNING : Only do this if you are prepared to scare yourself out of your wits!
    Go to a friend's office and sit by a loud speaker telephone while your friend phones your business and asks for a quote and then tries to buy something that you know is out of stock. Do it on three or four separate occasions, asking for something different each time. Now ask yourself these questions and be brutally honest.
    • • Was the tone bright and enthusiastic?
    • • Was there a prolonged 'hold' time?
    • • Was there a 'can do' attitude?
    • • Was there the feeling that you were in safe hands?
    • • Was there any attempt to close the sale?

    If not, you need to do something about it before you frustrate any more customers and see your business flushed down the drain. I know from first hand client successes that you can literally double your sales JUST by improving your telephone skills.
    So why wouldn’t you get the whole solution as soon as you can?
    Register now and when the course is released you could be enjoying the start of your bright new service culture.

Stop blowing your advertising money and your valuable word-of-mouth referrals

Get every booking and convert every sales enquiry,
saving time and mistakes as you do.


Selected comments by some of the thousands of happy graduates.

Very relatable ...

This course was so good.  I found the examples of the different ways to answer the phone and talk to people very relatable. 

We have all been there when everything that could go wrong does go wrong and then the phone rings and it is like "what now???" 

Understanding the impact that has this has to our clients with our customer service is very important. We have a very short timeframe of which to impress someone when the phone and this is the difference between business being done with us or someone else. 

Thank you for giving me a great insight as to what I am doing already that works, what I am doing that need tweaking and what I was doing that now I now no longer do. Great course. Thank you. 

Charmaine Keen, Kevin Hodges Real Estate Elizabeth SA

My whole office telephone manner has been improved ...

You asked me if the course has have been effective when you complimented me about our receptionist, and I must say that the improvements in the telephone technique is a direct affect of your program and my commitment to training exercise excellence. My whole office telephone manner has been improved I have to recommend the easy learning style you use so well. Your words, "I heard you distinctly and clearly on the device Mr. Bell" still ring in my years! 

Alan Wetton, LJ Hooker Maryborough, Qld


No-one knows more about telephone skills ...

I worked with Colin Pearce’s telephone training from 1987 through to 2005 as State Manager for Bob Jane T-Marts in SA, then QLD and then WA and then as National Franchise Manager for Jax-Quickfit. There’s no-one better: no-one knows more about phone skills and <strong> no-one teaches the skills as well as Colin Pearce does. The content in this course is similar to the material Colin wrote and recorded for those big corporations at huge cost to them. Now I can’t believe people can get the same for less than $300. 

Gary Philpotts, G.M. Import-Export Tyres, Gold Coast, Qld.


Have been rated today by AAA Tourism ...

Yes, I purchased your telephone training course material at the Builders Conference in Brisbane some months ago.  Excellent stuff! Have been rated today by AAA Tourism and have been awarded a 4 1/2 star rating. You can be assured that with people like yourself to constantly stimulate me and aim higher and work harder and smarter whilst keeping my feet on the ground while also endeavouring to enhance the guest experience and give value for money, I shall still be giving our guests five star service.  

Yvonne Reitsma, Katoomba, NSW.


Great training tool in a can ...

I've attended a lot of Colin`s training sessions over the years and have developed good phone skills with a  pretty good  “ get that booking"  rate, however, I still use the course as a refresher when I feel I'm getting rusty and of course they are a great training tool to use when we get new salespeople on board. It’s a  training session in a can! 

Simon Mitchell, Bob Jane T-Marts, Reynella.

I wanted to cheer you on ...

Thanks for your contribution on phone skills to our Property Management Conference last weekend.

I found myself wanting to cheer you throughout your presentation. Your advice to our property managers was valuable and I can only hope they've taken action this week.

I've even placed a little card saying "Goodie" above my phone to remind me we're all obliged to check our tone and language, no matter who we're dealing with.   

Stewart Bunn, National Communications Manager, First National Real Estate

Entertaining and informative ...

Thank you for the course. I found it entertaining whilst very informative. The information on disgruntled callers taught me a different way of handling an aggressive call and the programme has kept me focused on speaking in a positive voice and putting the customers first. I enjoy the positive feedback I get from happy customers!

Gigia Puccetti Reception   AV Central (South Australia)