The Fast Start to Sales course cuts days off your induction process and gives new people confidence to start earning faster.

The course is ideal for everyone new to sales: new hires, family members, techs transferring to a sales role, young people, part timers and casuals.

  • How to make a star salesperson

    Star salespeople are not born that way. They are trained. Trained, trained, trained. And the first and most important training they need from you is their induction. The faster and better you introduce them to your business, their colleagues, your prices and policies, the faster they will get out of the 'new-person-fog' and get selling.
    Wherever you see poor sales behaviour (wage thieves) you can be sure the business owner failed to choose wisely and induct professionally.

  • New salespeople can be successful sooner

    I saw a 16 year old start out in a shoe store and break the store's daily sales record on his first day and break the weekly, then monthly sales record straight on top of that.
    How did he do that?
    He was grilled and drilled in sales techniques before he started.
    I know.
    I trained him.
    He is my son!
    Now I lay that opportunity in front of you, the business owner to make that happen for your new salespeople.

  • Beware of the long arm of the law.

    Don't be a headline in the news. Bad induction means leaving new people unsure of their responsibilities, so they make mistakes, rarely maliciously but most times innocently. This can result in lost sales and lost revenue and even land you in front of a judge.
    But worse than that! If you don't induct people properly things can go pear shaped out of the blue – accidents, bullying, sexism - you've heard the horror stories – and you can end up facing massive fines and even gaol time!

This is self-paced learning at its best.

Instead of booking a room and taking experienced staff off the job to give a lecture (a real pain if there is only a couple of new people at a time), you get your new salespeople to watch the lessons on their own, grab their downloaded workbook and then – like it's a treasure hunt – go find the answers from the experts. You or your best staff supporter check their worksheets and mark off their log book to make sure everything is being done to the letter.

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Fee per inductee

Fee includes all 7 modules, downloadable workbook and supervisor log book.

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