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The model behind the course concept is an easy-going presentation style, a sense of fun, a huge range of actors (over 35 of them) and loads of straightforward selling skills that never applied to sales more than they do in 2020, the MOST testing times in the modern era.

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Sales managers and business owners can stop worrying.

Is this you:

  • You'd like your sales team to sell more, and get you more profit. OK. Dumb question. Of course you do.

  • You'd like your sales team to stop taking so much time to make their sales. You do hear a lot of unnecessary yackety-yack don't you?

  • You wish your people would be more discerning and not waste so much time with people who are not prospects. It's good that they are nice to people, but you wish they would 'show you the money'.

  • You long for the day when your less productive salespeople will catch on to real productivity.

Your sales success is just a few lessons away.

Wishing and goal setting won't make sales success happen. You can also offer all the incentives you can think of but unless you spend a few dollars skilling up your sales team, sadly, you will be revisiting this issue, same time next year.

  • Imagine this:
    You send a sales person to see a prospect and they're no sooner gone than they are back – with the order. They are taking less time and getting bigger sales, and setting out to do it again with eager expectation.
    How good will that be?

  • Picture yourself running your monthly sales meeting!
    The meeting is running over-time because there are so many plaudits and awards to hand out to your revitalised sales team. You've created stars.
    How good will that be?

  • You've become a star yourself!
    At the family BBQ your brother-in-law asks, 'How's business?'
    At your club or association meeting you're asked to explain how your business is running so well. In every case you answer. 'My people just know how to sell more, easier, faster.'
    How good will that be?

Your success is waiting for you.

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Thousands of people have graduated from this course. Here is a handful of their high praise.

Andrew Perry, National Franchise Manager EFM I was lucky enough to meet Colin Pearce in 2008 and have spent significant time with him over the years. Colin and his training programs are no fuss, are simple to learn and teach. Simply put, Sell more, easier, faster takes the complexities of selling and turns them into an easy to follow science of selling. From business owners, to junior staff members, everyone will benefit from Colin's balance approach to sales. We introduced the program to 20 franchisees and have seen a significant increase in their ability to ask more questions and close more sales. 

Elsa, Centro Property Group: Until I was trained in Balancing the Sale I didn’t know there was a system I could follow. I thought it was OK to make it up as I went along.

Sue Beaumont, Training Manager (Ret) Beaumont Tiles. We first used Colin’s sales program back in 1987 and followed its development over 2 decades when we asked Colin to make us our own version. We had one store in 1987 and used this sales training throughout our growth to over 120 stores across Australia today. It’s so practical. Everything is do-able for everyday Aussie salespeople.

Bill Vis, Founder V.I.P. Home Services. We’ve used Colin’s training since 1984 and believe so strongly in his sales training that every new franchisee is given access to Sell more, easier, faster  to make sure they get off to a sound start in their business.

Carl Johnson, General Manager of Retail Business Insurance (NRMA Insurance): We have used this program extensively to great effect. The sales skills it teaches are practical, so much so that it helped salespeople to sell more across multiple companies in our group (SGIO, SGIC & MOTOR TRADES DIRECT)

Simon Crowden,Manager member Engagement, Civil Contractors Federation (CCFSA)  Sell more, easier, faster  is engaging, enlightening, and surprisingly easy to understand and implement. It makes you see sales from a completely different point of view.

Raffy De La Rosa: CEO, Chow King Franchise Philippines. We had Colin speak to two groups of our managers and on the second day we had to tell him not to teach his ice cream selling technique because the stores had already run out of ice cream by mid morning. It was hilarious.”

Bob Jane T-Marts (SA). We had never sold more than 28 wheels in a month. Doing what Colin taught us, all our stores increased wheel sales dramatically and many of our stores sold over 100 wheels in the first month in their own right.

Hanna, a Muffin Break barrister: Colin taught me to sell more coffee. I would normally sell 5 mugs on a Saturday but on the first day after he taught me what to do I sold 95!!

Michael Sherlock, Brumby’s: Colin worked with us for 8 years and everyone who did what he told them about add-on selling made a killing. One of our bakeries made $100,000 extra profit in just one year by following Colin's rules.

Wal Beattie MD, Ask HR, Victoria, speaking of his time as HR Manager at Pak Poy and Kneebone:  After just one day with this program our engineers moved from being consultants to fully fledged salespeople and we became the most successful engineering firm in Australia.

What can you expect from
Sell More, Easier, Faster?

Your ‘old hands’ will tell you they know this stuff already – but this time they’ll really get it and actually start doing it. For new people it is like discovering a new star in the galaxy – fresh skills galore so that everyone is refreshed and motivated to go out and hunt down the money.

  • Program 1: Balancing your selling style.

    Every salesperson has a distinct selling style and they will learn it in this module so that they can manage themselves - and so can you! You can help them adjust to the ideal selling style.
    Some salespeople show indifference.
    Some salespeople talk too much.
    Some salespeople don’t talk enough.

    Your team will learn to dance rhythmically between asking and telling in a style that feels like a natural chat.
    Find out whether they are;
         a Backsider
         a Babbler
         a Buckpasser or
         a Balancer (and don't be surprised if you don't have many of these!)

  • Program 2: Selling isn't telling!

    This module is worth the price of the whole course on its own. More salespeople have discovered their great weakness right here: talking too much!
    How to ask questions that …
    Save time
    Save patience
    Save face
    Keep control
    Make you listen

    Then you’ll learn why most salespeople ...
         Talk too much
         Can’t ask questions
         Over answer when asked a question by the client.
    When they complete this module and do the exercises you will see the end to all of that

  • Program 3: Elephant hunting (Qualifying skills)

    Qualifying Skills
    In this program we talk about two kinds of so-called ‘customers’…
    Suspects and Prospects and how to tell the difference between them.
    Salespeople will learn three key attributes a suspect must have before they know he/she is a prospect.
    They will learn 8 key questions, the answers to which they must know before progressing with a demonstration.

    This is how sales processes can be shortened by half.

  • Program 4: Speak Benefenglish!

    Talking about Benefits
    When it comes time to explain why your potential customers will find your product or service ideal for their needs, your salespople have a choice. They can rave on like a walking, talking brochure and product manual, or they can direct their comments in benefit-rich, customer-focussed language right to the prospect’s heart and mind.

    There are very very few salespeople who can do this in practice. ALL of them know how important it is to talk about the benefits but when it comes to putting the value into plain language, virtually no-one can do it. After this immersion in Sell more, easier, faster you will have salespeople on your hands who will stand out from the common herd – and win you the business you ache for.

  • Program 5

    Handling Objections
    A lot of salespeople are terrified of what used to be called handling objections and difficult questions. Old selling styles taught salespeople to bight back with smart-alec retorts that set prospects back a peg or two.
    You will be delighted to learn that there is nothing like that in this module. The main reason is that your people will be using the ideas in Sell more, easier, faster which means they shouldn't be getting into any arguments.
    Common and every-day questions are going to be welcomed though. Your salespeople will even know how to invite questions out into the open and will ask prospects to seek all the clarification they need, BUT they won't be babbling off pages and pages of endless proofs, justifications and side issues.
    Their answers will lead to closes that win sales.

  • Program 6. Get the money!

    Closing Techniques
    This is a skill area that attracts a lot of ridicule from people who don't know what they are talking about.
    Ya gotta ask for the order. Nothing happens till someone sells something!
    Surprisingly, it’s rare to find salespeople who can ask prospects to buy in a way that sounds kind and generous, respectful or elegant, and to leave a reverent space for prospects to decide to say, Yes.
    This is an essential piece of the sales process and your people will get good at it after this module.

Sell more, easier, faster from today.

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